In-Spec Home Inspections is a full service Real Estate property inspection company
providing Structural, Mechanical, Pest, & Radon inspections.  With over 16 years
experience in construction, remodeling, home repair, and home inspections, our
customers can expect service that meets and exceeds all industry standards of home

Schedule the Inspection – When scheduling your inspection, schedule a time that is
convenient for you.  It is important for you to be at the inspection so you may ask
questions and understand everything possible about your new home.

Perform the Inspection – We will perform a visual inspection of the property and
provide a written inspection report identifying any major deficiencies.  This inspection will
be of readily accessible areas of the property and is limited to visual observations of
apparent condition existing at the time of the inspection only.

Areas of Inspection
•   Roof                   •        Electrical        •        HVAC        •   Structural/Framing     
•   Exterior              •        Plumbing        •        Interior       •   Basement/Crawlspace   
•   Landscape         •        Furnace         •        Kitchen
•   Attic                   •        Foundation     •        Fireplace

Time - Inspections generally take 2 to 3 hours to complete.  Times vary based on size and
condition of the property.  Please be sure to have all utilities turned on and pilot lights lit
prior to inspection to avoid delays.

Walk Through and Summary – Upon completion of the inspection, a walk through of the
inspection will be performed where all issues and concerns will be explained.  This is also
a great time to ask questions.

Reports – Reports are written and delivered within 24 hours of the inspection (normally
delivered shortly after inspection).  We do not do on site reporting.  Home inspections are
an extremely detailed and complex process.  In order to provide a thorough,
comprehensive inspection, we prefer to dedicate the entire time on site to the inspection
process itself.  Then while we write the report, you can get on with your day!  We can
deliver your inspection via email, fax, mail, or next day air.
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